Pokhara & Sikles 2022

Nepal is where Photo Journey began.


Tuscany 2022

Tuscany, our beautiful, remote sanctuary

“Stunning Wiltshire” Photo Walk

A guided photographic walk around one of the most beautiful areas of West Wiltshire

Portrait Photography

Tour to the Arctic is an exotic journey on the verge of extreme

The Art of Photographing Food

Food photography is often done badly - come and learn how to get it right!


Széklerland 2023

Remote Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains

Customers Review

Gemma Sisson, professional chef at The Kitchen Mixer England

What an adventure it was. An amazing experience and such special memories!”“Photo Journey really was something special and to come away with some great portrait pictures is very exciting

Carol Cavendish, Owner of UK

Owning an accommodation business we employ photographers to create content. It struck me that as I’d always had an interest in photography, why not challenge myself, pursue this and perhaps take some of that on myself. Photo Journey gave me that opportunity to raise my photography from starter to a decent level and I had one hell of a life experience into the bargain.

David Huggett, Photographer Asia

I felt accepted, welcomed and had an adventure.The thing I enjoyed most is getting to the villages, away from the tourist zones and getting a flavour of the real Nepal.The main strength of Photo Journey is that it combines the adventure with the photography, so it’s a great place to come and learn and get out of your comfort zone. The people here are so welcoming, it couldn’t be a better location.