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This is photoJourney's latest adventure provision. Learn from the experts while tailoring the adventure to best meet your own expectations.
A fantastic and unique opportunity to travel the way you want with expert tuition and support right where you need it.


Such a fantastic opportunity to capture the best images and memories

Because we are not like other providers – hanging onto holiday company’s coat-tails (and therefore paying for both the photography support and the travel company fees)….. we can provide an exciting prospect to improve photographic skills in unique circumstances at fantastic prices. Whether it be travelling alone with the instructor to get one-to-one training on location; travelling as a group on a short weekend break with photographic training and guidance provided; or simply having an expert photographer on hand to properly capture your travel experience.

This is a brand new, unique service that is very affordable. Contact photoJourney with ideas for locations to visit, explore and photograph. It might be a destination you have always wanted to visit; or even return to, that fires your imagination, interest and excitement.



All photoJourney workshops are tailored to meet the needs of those taking part, so you can be sure of an experience that is challenging and rewarding in equal measure.  This particular workshop is utterly unique and is suitable for:


  • Travelling alone to remote locations but would love to include learning and improving your photography either for the whole trip or just a few days.
  • Day trips in the UK supported with expert photographic advice.
  • Short breaks at home or abroad with tailored photographic support to help you get the best from your images.

Families or Groups

  • Start each day with photographic training before heading out…and have a “critique” session with professional advice after each journey out.
  • Use the photoJourney instructor to record your holiday or adventure with professional images you will treasure forever.


  • photoJourney instructors have been to Switzerland, India, Nepal, Poland, Iraq, Libya, the Arctic, Norway, Sweden in the last year alone.  Contact us to find out where we are going next, and see if you can come along to collaborate.  This might be for fun, experience or even come and gain experience assisting on a commercial shoot



Pricing will depend on availability, location, in-country costs, and necessary expenditure.  In general terms, the instructor will charge what would be a usual UK training cost on a one-to-one basis (please see for an estimate) plus flights, but will be

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Experiences of a lifetime

Much more than just a photography holiday.... keep the control in your hands, and learn the art of photography properly!

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