Feedback from the Nepal 2016 workshop

photoJourney – Nepal 2016 was a brilliant trip.  If you want to get a feel of what the course was like from the mouths of some of the participants,  I received these two feedback notes that speak for themselves:

Mike Carter, UK:

“On a personal note – huge thanks for the trip. Excellently organised and led, with just the right balance of teaching, mentoring, encouragement, critique and exploration. The programme worked really well and gave the right blend of opportunities and experiences. I personally learnt loads”

Piers Hutt, Singapore:

“It’s a great trip! We all come with different expectations and experience, so there is a danger that our suggestions mean you are constantly tweaking what is a already a great trip. It went beyond expectations. For me, it was the overall “experience” that made it so worthwhile.

In that I include the constant tuition and reminders; getting off the beaten track and having the time to photograph and not just come away with a snapshot – although there were plenty of those! I thought the couple of afternoons that we had to go out and shoot on our own steam were well worthwhile. As was the ability to pair up and see how a professional operated. I am constantly amazed that Saraya got shots that I never saw – and I was standing right beside her!

I felt that the critique sessions were also worth their weight. The chance to see other people’s images and to learn from all our mistakes was really useful.

Meeting the veterans and the Officers was humbling and being able to spend time in the Gurkha culture was a real treat. An experience that a photo doesn’t necessarily capture. All this in the company of like minded individuals, meant that it was an enjoyable 10 days – I remember some real laughs!

On a personal level, I wanted a better appreciation of portraiture and portrait lighting and I certainly came away with that. Now I’m much more confident as to what I am after in an outside portrait shot, and you have given us the confidence to try the off camera flash – although more practice needed!

Thanks again for a great trip!”

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